Using the Android SIP Client with Clearwater

These instructions detail how to enable the stock Android SIP client. The instructions vary depending on your handset and Android model, If you get them working on devcies not on the known working list, please add to the list. Equally, if they do not work, please add your device to the unsupported list.


  1. Ensure that you have a data connection (either through 4G or WiFi).
  2. Launch your standard dialer (often called Phone or Dialer).
  3. Bring up the menu. Depending on your phone, this may be via a physical Menu button, or via an icon (consisting of three dots in a vertical line in either the top right or bottom right).
  4. From the menu, navigate to the internet calling accounts menu.
  5. Press Add account and enter its configuration.
  6. Once done, choose Save.
  7. Enable making internet calls.
  8. Enable receiving internet calls (note this significantly reduces your battery life).

Making a call

Known supported devices

Known unworkable devices